CAL cutter

Chukyo CAL cutter cutting test movie

Lightweight, high-strength aluminum body, low cost, and high performance

  • Lightweight, high-hardness aluminum body front milling cutter
  • Its original design physically prevents and suppresses spring-out of cartridges and inserts.
  • Since only a small number of parts is needed, it is easy to assemble.
  • Adjustable screws can easily suppress frontal deflection within 10 μm. High precision and long life.
  • Unique installation direction by Chukyo’s original insert shape improved rigidity.
CAL cutter selection guide
Multi-bladed, for flat machining and corner cutting


  • High efficiency machining is possible due to multi-blade specification.
  • Suppression of burrs is possible due to special chip shape. Corner cutting is also possible (87 degrees).
  • Product lineup from small diameter sizes.
Multi-bladed, internal oil supply type, for flat machining and corner cutting


  • The product directly injects cutting oil to the cutting edge to improve lubricity and cooling effect, and it enhances suppression capacity of tool wear.
  • It pushes chips off and has higher chip discharge power.
  • It will improve machining accuracy and surface roughness of work materials.
Standard blade number, for flat machining


  • A larger insert is used.
  • Standard cutter with excellent rigidity.
  • The cutting edge is hard to break even during gate processing (e.g. sprue, overflow) due to its unique shape.

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